Straw wattles are weed free and help stabilize slopes by slowing spreading and filtering overland water flow They are flexible and conform to the soil surface The wattles are secured by staking Our most popular sizes of straw wattles are 9 quot x 10 9 quot x 25 and 12 quot x 20 Other sizes and specifications are available upon request to fit Wattle Stakes When it comes to erosion control you don t want stakes that will shatter Our wood wattle stakes are knot free machine sawn and pointed West Coast Douglas fir They are best used to hold down straw and rice wattles Let us help you keep your land where it s supposed to be We ll fill your orders promptly and we always Straw Wattles Use these weed free wattles over bare soil or in conjunction with erosion control blankets on steep slopes around drains for inlet protection or as perimeter control for jobsites Benefits Helps stabilize slopes by slowing spreading These tubes of straw or excelsior are encased in either UV degradable plastic netting or 100 biodegradable burlap The standard size of each wattle is 9 inches in diameter and 25 feet in length and weighs approximately 35 pounds Wattle diameters and lengths can be modified on a special order basis Proper installation of wattles is essential Whether you need biodegradable temporary or permanent soil erosion control products we have a solution that can meet your needs Available options include woven and nonwoven geotextiles straw blankets coir mats wattles and logs Find out more by clicking on our erosion and sediment control products below Request A Free Quote

10 6 2021 nbsp 0183 32 j Wattles A wattle shall be a tubular shaped product specifically manufactured for erosion and sediment control Biodegradable wattles shall be manufactured using interwoven biodegradable plant material such as straw coir or wood shavings in biodegradableStraw blankets or mats used to temporarily stabilize soils on steep slopes channels or shorelines straw blankets and mats are machine produced blankets a biodegradable organic mulches created using chrome wood fibers coconut fibers strong or a combination of each press into a natural fiber netting stitch to ensure an even distribution Wildlands Inc is a certified installer of Filtrexx products The socks can be filled on site with our bark blowing machine We use high quality filling material that is free of weed seeds and pathogens and we add nutrients for seeded slopes to increaseThis item Earth Saver Straw Wattle Filler is part of the online auction Farm and Machine Shop Auction with Tractors Reach Lift Mower Implements and Tools PAYMENT INFORMATION Payment Due By 12 00pm noon Monday June 21 2021 Unless you Planting of brush layers was machine assisted using an excavator in conjunction with manual labour Straw wattles were installed to help reduce surface rill erosion Local muskeg used as mulch was spread over the site

26 6 2017 nbsp 0183 32 Straw Wattle Machine for auction With the wattle machine comes bail breaker and feeding belt two 9 inch augers with hoppers two 12 inch augers with hoppers one 16 inch auger with hopper Two auger bases and control panels A rucking machine to load the net on to barrels and several 9 and 12 inch pre load barrels And approximately 10 rolls of 16 inch netting 10 rolls of 12 inch netting and Wattle manufacturing system United States Patent 7398634 Abstract A wattle manufacturing system generally includes a hopper having an inlet for receiving a supply of straw a loosening mechanism for loosening the straw when the straw is placed in or near the hopper inlet a compaction chamber positioned to receive the loosened straw from the A wattle manufacturing system generally includes a hopper having an inlet for receiving a supply of straw a loosening mechanism for loosening the straw when the straw is placed in or near the hopper inlet a compaction chamber positioned to receive the loosened 1 Wattles shall be a straw filled tube of flexible netting material exhibiting the following properties It shall be a machine produced tube of compacted rice straw that is Certified Weed Free Forage by a manufacturer whose principle business is wattle manufacturing Bio Wattles 916 712 0003 Our 100 BioGradable Burlap Wattles are our flagship straw fiber roll Our BioWattle is manufactured with 100 biodegradable and Environmentally and wildlife friendly 7 oz Burlap Tubes untreated – No chemicals 1 1 2 to 2 year

Straw solutions started with a pile of metal gears bolts motors and a talented neighbor who is a welder fabricator Having gone through the process of making and remaking most of our machines has built not only our business but a vast knowledge of how to constantly 9 in x 25 ft Biodegradable Straw Wattle are used for erosion control Biodegradable wattles are made of jute or burlap and are filled with a variety of straws Wattles are usually laid in place and secured with wooden stakes hammered through them into theThis hardwood MULCH filled tubular roll intercepts the water run off filtering debris The Erosion Control Wattle also reduces flow and provides removal of sediments from the run off water These Erosion Controlling Logs also stop debris from entering retaining ponds Give us a CALL 615 356 0139 or Fill out a form describing your interests U S Straw Wattle is a national manufacturer of high quality weed free straw wattles Our proprietary manufacturing method is unique to the industry and insures the tightest packed wattles available Our SW9 straw wattles measure 9 quot in diameter x 25 in length and 4 12 2016 nbsp 0183 32 Filling sock with straw using Silt Sock Auger Bucket sold by Surplus Equipment Exchange at surplusequipment com

Woven mesh netting filled with straw used to trap sediment and promote infiltration Reusable Recommend installing stakes every 4 5 feet sold separately Erosion Control Blankets WI DOT Approved Single Net Straw Blankets Class 1A 4 x 112 5 50 SY Straw Wattles Cherokee s straw wattles are made with an agricultural wheat straw matrix using a heavy duty polypropylene grid casing They reduce erosion increase filtration and retain soil for one to two years making them ideal for temporary protection while permanent vegetation becomes established Straw wattles are an excellent way to Local service machinery Local after sales Local demonstration Buy wattle machine to ease and minimize your day to day kitchen hassles Well equipped wattle machine with alluring prices on Alibaba com can hack down your burden Straw wattles are erosion sediment and storm water runoff control devices They are tubular and straw filled held together by photodegradable plastic or biodegradable burlap netting Each fiber roll is nine inches in diameter and 25 feet long weighing approximately 60 pounds They capture sediment and spread water rather than concentrating This wattle is a machine assembled wattle whose component is clean long straw fibers processed from agricultural straw American Excelsior Companies straw wattle does not contain any chemical substance 1 Page AEC Premier Straw 174 Wattle Sediment